What is kahicool?

Cold Pressed Energy

Introducing kahicool, an all natural cold pressed energy drink. Fuelled with exclusively first harvest Matcha directly from Japan as well as with carefully selected green tea extract. Every bottle is packed with the best fruits and vegetables and is never heat treated or from concentrate to preserve all of nature's goodness and taste.

Whether you are looking for a healthy boost in the morning, want to brighten up a grey afternoon in the office or are looking for some extra energy before an evening workout:

Go kahicool and put the healthy and the tasty into your caffeine lift! Just like nature intended.

Life of a kahicool

  • Step 1 - Fresh ingredients

    Fresh ingredients

    Every kahicool starts its life with the best ingredients: carefully selected fruit and vegetables, finest Japanese Matcha tea and natural green tea extract. Never from concentrate. No added sugar. No artificial additives. Ever.

  • Step 2 - Cold pressed

    Cold pressed

    After selecting and cleaning, we give our fruit and vegetables a good hard squeeze. During this slow extraction process we make sure we preserve all the goodness and taste from our natural ingredients for you.

    Step 2 - Cold pressed
  • Step 3 - HPP


    We never heat treat our cold pressed energy in order to retain its nutrients and natural taste. Instead we apply pressure as high as 50,000 pounds per square inch to ensure your drink lasts long enough for you to enjoy.

  • Step 4 - Enjoy!


    The final step in the life of every energising kahicool is for you to enjoy! More nutrients, more taste and all natural caffeine - giving you a tasty and healthy energy boost to your day! One drink at a time.

    Step 4 - Enjoy!
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