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At kahicool we only use the finest fruit and vegetables, exclusively first harvest Matcha green tea from farms in the Kyusho and Kyoto regions in Japan and carefully selected green tea extract. So you can enjoy every bottle just like nature intended!

Matcha tea

Much talked about, but what actually is it? Matcha is specially farmed green tea which is dried and ground into fine powder directly after harvest. Unlike most other green tea it is not brewed but is rather mixed with water to form a vibrant and delicious green tea drink.

Matcha has centuries of tradition in Japan, where is it consumed as part of tea ceremonies. At kahicool we are proud to be able to honour this history by sourcing exclusively first harvest Matcha from selected farms in the Kyoto and Kyushu regions. This ensures both smooth and complex aromas which perfectly compliment our other natural ingredients to form our yummy Cold Pressed Energy blends.

How is it made?

The natural green tea which is used for our Matcha comes from the traditional tea growing regions of Kyoto and Kyushu in Japan. Prior to being picked it is shade grown for about 3 weeks which slows the growth of the plants.

This stimulates the formation of chlorophyll and l-theanine, resulting in a deeply rich and vibrant green colour. After the harvest the dried leaves are carefully ground in order to preserve the natural nutrients and the rich flavour of the tea.

Why Matcha?

As Matcha is directly derived from green tea it shares its widespread recognised health benefits. Treat yourself to a boost of nutrients such as polyphenols, catechins and chlorophyll which have been increasingly linked to the well being of the body and mind!

Just like normal green tea, Matcha has a stimulating effect, with the resulting lift being considerably more gentle and longer lasting than that from coffee. While its caffeine (about 35mg per gram of Matcha) stimulates, its l-theanine simultaneously reduces stress, resulting in calm alertness for up to 6 hours.

History of Matcha

Teas in powder form such as Matcha likely originated in China as early as during the 7th century. It is widely credited to the Zen monk Eisai to have brought Matcha to the Kyoto region in Japan in the 12th century.

Viewed as a precious commodity it was reserved for nobility, samurai ranks and monks who used it to become more focused during meditation. Up until today there is a distinct spiritual emphasis as part of preparing Matcha tea during a tea ceremony, which forms an integral part of Japanese culture and history.


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